New split ‘thumb’ keyboard option – 2-handed typing on tablets

We have released our new split keyboard option that allows you to hold larger screens between your hands and type with your thumbs. You can also directly access numbers (which you can also do by switching on the numbers row in Settings) and use arrow keys.
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Coming very shortly – split ‘thumb’ keyboard

This is our new split (‘thumb’) keyboard, which we will be releasing imminently, as soon as we have ironed out the last tiny bugs (bottom line alignment…!) It allows you to hold a tablet in both hands and type, as its name says, with your thumbs (‘thumbily’? There’s probably a technical term…)

Here’s a quick preview. You’ll notice we’ve added arrow keys, which were much requested (currently you can hit Caps Lock and swipe to move around in any direction).

Split thumb keyboard blue

Split thumb keyboard typewriter theme

FREE TALK: Creating an innovative, predictive Android keyboard: Flexpansion, 5th Sept, Edinburgh

Flexpansion CEO & Founder, Dr Tim Willis, will be talking about the experience of building an app from the ground up, and being an entrepreneur, 6.30pm, 5th Sept 2013. All welcome!

Skyscanner HQ, Edinburgh:


CEO Dr Tim Willis featured in August 2013 Edinburgh University alumni newsletter

I’m profiled in the latest newsletter, going out to 80,000 former students of this great University. I talk about my experiences during my MSc and PhD, and how I founded the company and have grown it. Also including a reference to my short-lived career as a stand-up comedian (1 night :-).

Edinburgh University alumni newsletter August 2013 article

Flexpansion’s Edinburgh Festivals edition featured in Scotland on Sunday

Visiting Edinburgh this Summer?

Our FREE Edinburgh Festivals edition comes preloaded with all the words and patterns you’ll need to quickly write texts, blogs, tweets, emails etc. while visiting the world famous Edinburgh Fringe, International Festival, Military Tattoo and others! The app features our new “Thistle” colour scheme.
Flexpansion Word Prediction Pleasance Flexpansion Abbreviation Expansion Grassmarket

We were featured in the Business section of the 28th July 2013 edition of the Scotland On Sunday newspaper.

Scotsman on Sunday online Flexpansion article partial screenshot

Flexpansion will be at EIE13 on May 9th

We will be at EIE13 – Engage Invest Exploit at The Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh on May 9th. The event is Scotland’s premier annual investor event, showcasing the best companies spinning out of Scotland’s world class universities and start-ups from our wider entrepreneurial eco-system.

Try out the special EIE13 vocabulary we’ve created for all Android devices, here.

Informatics Ventures, the Edinburgh BioQuarter and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) have joined forces to create what will be the largest ever investor showcase in Scotland.

Touchscreens will soon be universal, from your interactive TV remote to your car to your mobile office. Their Achilles’ heel is slow text entry. Flexpansion’s world-beating Fast Forward Typing overcomes this, doubling speed and productivity with advanced word prediction and unique, powerful abbreviation expansion. Premium customers are busy, expensive professionals on the move. Trials are running in multiple sectors. The team is lean and smart, with 3 PhDs plus business and finance backgrounds. Flexpansion Ltd will help the world communicate twice as fast.

We are seeking investment and partners to market cross-sector, and if you’re coming we look forward to meeting you!


Flexpansion’s MindTron 4-Tel™ will write things you haven’t even thought of yet

Flexpansion today announces the next evolution in word prediction, the MindTron 4-Tel™. Word Prediction was so 2012.

After years of development we are proud to launch a product that with a single keypress will not only type out the entire document you sort-of-vaguely had in mind to write, but also email it to interested parties, deal with their responses, tweet a massively-truncated witty summary of the correspondence, then engage in a protracted flame war with a previously-unnoticed follower over the correct use of hyphenation.

The same time next year we will be releasing the Authotron 4000™. Within moments of a glance in the general direction of your tablet, a masterpiece of fiction, documentary reportage, or tragic, angst-ridden-rite-of-passage memoir will appear on your screen. Rumours that Jeffrey Archer has had secret access to the software since 1996 are strenuously denied by the company.

Dr Tim Willis
1st April 2013

Flexpansion 2.090 – Resizable keys AND letters; free typewriter sound; brighter colours in Pro keyboards

We’ve just released an update which allows you to resize keys any way you like, along with the primary and secondary characters.

We love entrepreneurship example

Also we’ve made the popular typewriter sound scheme FREE.

Furthermore we’ve brightened up some of the colour schemes in the Pro version.

fortunately example bright pink

Tell your friends! And remember, Flexpansion has NO TIME LIMIT!

“Intro to Linguistics & Phonetics” by Tim, CEO, Thurs 7th March, 7-10pm (+ other talk & music), Edinburgh

The Counting House, 36 West Nicolson Street, EH8 9DD, 0131 667 7533

As part of a Ragged University event, Flexpansion founder & CEO, Dr Tim Willis will be giving a free talk this Thursday, near the George Sq campus of Edinburgh University. Our free word prediction app is based heavily on Linguistics & Phonetics, and he will give an overview of this interesting and wide-ranging subject.

About Tim’s talk

What do all languages have in common? How do they differ? How can we analyse them? And why?! This will be a whistle-stop tour of the ways in which writing and speech can be looked at, and the next talk (maybe 2!) will go into more details of whichever areas people find most interesting.

Subjects include: meaning (semantics / pragmatics); how words are made up (morphology, e.g. ‘anti-dis-establish-ment-ar-ian-ism’); how words group together and can be moved around (syntax / grammar); Figurative vs literal; speech sounds (phonetics / phonology); computer processing of language; level of formality (“Hey buddy, whassup?” vs. “I wish you good morning”); change over time (“Good morrow”); idioms (“hit the sack”) and many others.

Practical uses include word prediction, language learning, machine translation, speech recognition / generation, spelling correction and search engines.

2nd Talk: Life by Chocolate; An Adventure Into Cacao By Ali Gower

Co-owner of The Chocolate Tree, an artisan chocolate shop

I will be talking about Cacao sourcing, preservation of biodiversity, ethical trade & chocolate making from bean to bar. The subject of cacao & chocolate is highly topical. Despite being a food that is renowned for it’s pleasure giving properties, it has a dark cultural history.

Further Info

There will be some food, some music by Paul Montague and plenty of people to meet and chat with. As always, the event will be entirely free for anyone to come along to. Please visit the website, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Facebook: Ragged University
Twitter: @raggedtalks